Login Information


Website: login.i-ready.com

Username: *contact teacher

Password: laverne


Website: www.ixl.com

Username: *same as i-Ready but no capitals or (.) and put @laverneelem at the end.

Ex: cl12345lp@laverneelem

Password: laverne

Mentoring Minds (ThinkUp)

Website: ca-hesperia. mentoringminds.com

Username: *same as i-Ready; contact teacher

Password: laverne

Gmail for Google Classroom:

Website: classroom.google.com

Email: (firstname.lastname)@lepacademy.com

Ex: christina.lesinski@lepacademy.com

Password: (8-digit birthdate, numbers only, no capitals, symbols or spaces)

Ex: 04062011


Website: getepic.com/students

Code: ngz2458

Benchmark Advance:

Website: www.benchmarkuniverse.com

Username: *same as i-Ready but no initials. Just school ID number.lp 

Ex: 22242.lp

Password: laverne