Welcome to the starting point of my remote learning classroom, where you will find the basic information you need for your scholar to begin learning at home. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and support as we adapt to this challenge and make the best of our situation. I hope to make everything as straightforward and accessible as possible. I look forward to a successful school year with you as  a teammate. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions, I am here for you! Below you will find the bulletin board with some helpful links and login info to access our Google Classroom. Check back weekly to see announcements and updated scholar achievements. Thank you!


Ms. Lesinski

Google Classroom Login Info

Step 1: Click on the link to the right or type "classroom.google.com" into your browser. (There is also a Google Classroom tutorial at the right.)

Step 2: Make sure you are signed out of all Google accounts, then sign in with your scholar's LEPA account: firstname.lastname@lepacademy.com.

Example: christina.lesinski@lepacademy.com

Step 3: The password will be your scholar's 8-digit birthday with no letters, spaces or symbols. Month, day, year. Example: if their birthday is December 24, 2001, the password would be: 12242001

Step 4: Once logged in, you will find the Google Classroom invitation from me. Click on the link inside and it will take you to my remote classroom!

*If there are any difficulties, please contact me.

Bulletin Board

Class tag


If you have not received an invitation from me to join ClassTag, please email me so I can send you the code.

Thank you!



in january

Rayleen - Jan. 12th Berlin - Jan. 13th Miley - Jan. 13th Annamarie - Jan. 20th

sparkling stars

Week of 12/19

Angel                         Sophia

Jayden                         Leah

Macie                      Annamarie  Michael                      Jeremiah

Carlos                         Olivia

Rayleen                        Jude

Ian                              Emily

Layla                            Arielle

                                               *These scholars are being recognized for completing all their assignments last week!


Esma S.

             New Year's Goals     


My NEW  Year learning goals are…


First I will read more because I really don't like to read. I like math a little more because I am not that good at reading. I think that I am a little better at math.


Next I will turn in more homework.I will because I don't turn in my homework on time sometimes  because sometimes I need help or I don’t have time.


Lastly I will do more of my reading logs.I will turn in more reading logs so I could get good grades and if I do more reading logs that means I will have to read more so if I do reading logs I will read more.


Those are my new year learning goals. 

happy new year.jpg




        This Christmas was fun. I got a ton of toys. I liked this christmas because I got shirts sweaters and I also got games for christmas. And I also got pencils for school, I got a gaming chair to play games and I got a watch. I could play games and I got a watch to see what time it is and play games on it.

xmas tree.png
xmas gifts.jpg

Journals of the Week

Sophia T.

                  My Dream World

       My dream world would be to have people stop littering trash because it makes the world look dirty and not look nice. I would also want the world to be  peaceful with no hate to anyone . I want everyone to love each and to stop saying black lives don't matter. 3rd i would want everyone to live in a home and not have a lot of homeless people sleeping in the floor with no blankets or pillow. I also want everyone in the world to have food and not be starving .


Olivia G.

                 My Dream World


My dream world would be going to Disneyland and Legoland because I can go on rides,eat, and explore. When I grow up my dream is to become an Artist because I love to draw.


My first dream is to go to Disneyland and live in the princess castle. I want to live in the castle because I can put on the dresses and the crowns and feel like a princess.If I would live in a castleI would eat all the food like watermelon, waffles and hamburgers.If Ilive in a castle I would go on the rides like the t-cups,the little mermaid and the rollercoaster in goofy town.

My dream was that because  thoses are a fun plase to go with my family.

disney castle.jpg
Folding Kittens2 Jayden.jpeg
Hibernating bear Jayden.jpeg
Hot Cocoa Jayden.jpeg
Origami Dog Jayden.jpeg
Snowman Hug Layla.jpg
Snowman Berlin.png
Snowman Hug Jayden.jpeg
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arctic fox leah.jpg
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cinnamon rolls jude.jpg
cup leah.jpg
xmas tree rayleen.jpg
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